Maximize the Fun with Our 7 in 1 Combo Jumpers in Chicago

In the heart of Chicago, the demand for innovative and exciting event attractions is rising, setting a new standard for entertainment. Stepping into this vibrant scene, The Jumper Store presents its 7 in 1 Combo Jumpers, the epitome of multifunctional entertainment that promises to be the centerpiece of any gathering. These versatile inflatables are not just a trend; they're becoming the go-to choice for event planners and hosts seeking an all-in-one solution to captivate and delight guests of all ages.

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  7in1 Combo Jumpers
Combo Bouncers offer the best in inflatable excitement. They get their name from the fact that they combine the popular bounce house feature with one or more exciting elements. The extra elements range from slides, obstacles, climbing features or basketball hoops. TheJumperStore has a great selection of combination bouncer and slide rentals. Browse the rental units below and click on the title or image for more information.
Sorry, this item is not available at this time. Please call our office at so we can provide you with options for your special event.  

Why Choose 7 in 1 Combo Jumpers?

The appeal of our 7-in-1 Combo Jumpers lies in their incredible array of features, designed to offer something for everyone. Imagine a single unit where guests can bounce, slide, climb, dodge obstacles, shoot hoops, and engage in interactive play—all contributing to an unforgettable experience.

Variety of Activities: From the classic bounce house joy to thrilling slides and challenging obstacle courses, these combo jumpers pack multiple attractions into one dynamic unit.

Enhanced Engagement: With so many options, guests remain engaged and entertained for longer, ensuring your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

Value for Money: Integrating seven different activities, these jumpers offer exceptional value, maximizing your entertainment offering without needing multiple rentals.

Feature Spotlight: 7 in 1 Module Combo with Slide

The 7 in 1 Module Combo with Slide stands out among our illustrious range, embodying the fusion of fun and functionality. Priced at $599.00, it's an investment in unparalleled entertainment.

Diverse Features: This combo includes a spacious bounce area, an exciting slide, interactive games, and more, all designed to ensure endless fun.

Recommended Age Group: Catering to a wide age range, it's ideal for children and young teens, making it a versatile choice for various events.

Event Compatibility: Whether it's a community festival, a corporate family day, or a private birthday celebration, the 7 in 1 Module Combo with Slide adapts to your needs, enhancing the atmosphere and enjoyment of your event.

By choosing one of our 7-in-1 Combo Jumpers, you're not just renting an inflatable; you're providing a comprehensive entertainment experience that will be the highlight of your Chicago event.

Customizable Options for Your Event

At The Jumper Store, we understand that every event is unique, which is why we offer an array of customization options for our 7-in-1 Combo Jumpers. Our goal is to ensure that your chosen inflatable perfectly aligns with the theme and atmosphere of your occasion, providing an unparalleled experience for you and your guests.

Thematic Customization: Whether you're hosting a pirate-themed birthday party, a sports day event, or a fairy-tale festival, we can customize our 7 in 1 Combo Jumpers to complement your theme, enhancing the overall ambiance and enjoyment of your event.

Event Versatility: Our combo jumpers are designed to adapt to various settings, from intimate backyard parties to grandiose community festivals. Their multifunctional nature makes them suitable for multiple event types, ensuring they're always the perfect fit.

Seamless Rental Experience

Choosing The Jumper Store for your inflatable rental means enjoying a stress-free experience from start to finish. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring a smooth and straightforward rental process.

Easy Selection and Booking: Browse our extensive collection and select the 7 in 1 Combo Jumper that best suits your event needs. Our intuitive booking process and expert guidance from our team make reserving your inflatable a breeze.

Dependable Delivery and Setup: Rely on us for timely delivery and professional setup of your chosen jumper. We handle all the logistics, from transportation to installation, ensuring your inflatable is safe, clean, and ready for fun.

Unmatched Customer Service: Our dedication to your satisfaction is reflected in our attentive customer support, available to assist you at every stage. The Jumper Store's reputation for reliability and quality service is well-earned, with countless Chicagoans trusting us for their event rental needs.

Complement Your Jumper with Additional Party Rentals

To create a truly memorable event, consider pairing your 7 in 1 Combo Jumper with our range of additional party rentals. The Jumper Store offers a variety of options to enhance your event, providing a one-stop solution for all your party needs.

Diverse Rental Selection: Elevate your event with our concession machines, offering treats like popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones. Add interactive games to engage guests of all ages, or choose from our selection of additional inflatables for even more fun.

Enhanced Event Experience: These add-ons complement the entertainment provided by our combo jumpers and cater to a wider range of guest preferences, ensuring everyone has an enjoyable time.

Convenience and Cohesion: By sourcing all your party rentals from The Jumper Store, you benefit from coordinated delivery and setup, creating a cohesive and enjoyable event atmosphere.

With The Jumper Store, your event in Chicago is poised for success, offering engaging entertainment, seamless service, and a comprehensive selection of rentals to meet your every need.

Join Our Community of Happy Customers

Experience the joy and enthusiasm of countless customers who have chosen The Jumper Store's 7 in 1 Combo Jumpers for their events. Our commitment to providing top-tier entertainment and service has garnered rave reviews, establishing us as a trusted partner in event planning across Chicago.

Actual Testimonials: Hear directly from our satisfied customers who have witnessed the transformative effect of our 7 in 1 Combo Jumpers at their events, praising their quality, the enjoyment they provide, and our exceptional service.

Unwavering Commitment: At The Jumper Store, customer satisfaction is our priority. We are dedicated to ensuring that every rental experience is seamless, enjoyable, and meets our high standards of quality and reliability.

Plan Your Unforgettable Event with Us

Embarking on your event planning journey with The Jumper Store is the first step toward creating an unforgettable experience. Our 7 in 1 Combo Jumpers offer versatile entertainment options that cater to all ages, ensuring your event is a hit.

Expert Guidance: Our team is on hand to provide expert advice and support as you choose the perfect 7-in-1 Combo Jumper for your event. We'll help you understand the features of each option and how they can enhance your event theme and atmosphere.

Personalized Assistance: Contact us to receive personalized planning assistance. Whether you're organizing a small birthday party or a large community festival, we're here to ensure you find the ideal inflatable to make your event memorable.

Elevate Your Chicago Event with Our Premier 7 in 1 Combo Jumpers

Choose The Jumper Store's 7 in 1 Combo Jumpers to bring unparalleled entertainment and excitement to your next event. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and a broad selection of entertainment options ensures your event will be a standout success.

Exceptional Entertainment Value: Our 7-in-1 Combo Jumpers are designed to provide a comprehensive entertainment experience, combining multiple activities in one feature-packed unit.

Dedication to Excellence: We are devoted to delivering exceptional customer experiences, from the initial consultation to the event day.

Don't wait to start planning your extraordinary event. Explore our selection of 7 in 1 Combo Jumpers, consult with our knowledgeable team, and secure your rental today to ensure your event is a sensation in Chicago.