What To Know About Indoor Bounce Houses

Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

One of the best decisions a person can make is renting an indoor bounce house for their next event. Whether it be parents trying to entertain children at a kid’s birthday party or adults looking to relive those same childhood experiences, a bounce house can take a party to new levels. Most bounce houses tend to be used outside, which can leave them vulnerable to certain things such as inclement weather. Thankfully, The Jumper Store offers indoor bounce house rentals to help party planners avoid watching their event end abruptly.

Benefits of Indoor Bounce Houses

Having an indoor bounce house can definitely be a great time for every partygoer. Rather than have parents worry that their child is unattended outside or running around the house, they can rest easy as their children jump and play right across from them. This also keeps them safe from torrential thunderstorms, strong winds, or heavy snowfall which might pose a risk to jumping in a bounce house. Indoor bounce houses come in all sizes depending on the space provided, making them extremely versatile options when planning an indoor party.

Why Rent a Jumper

Indoor bounce houses are great for children for a variety of reasons. It’s an incredibly fun way of getting exercise and socializing with their friends, cousins, and others. It also gets them to put down their video game controllers and tablets and start moving. There’s also air conditioning blowing inside, so indoor bounce houses keep children cool and out of the blistering heat.

The Jumper Store’s indoor bounce houses are all safe and secure. We disinfect and test each bounce house after every rental to ensure that they’re up to our standard before they’re delivered to a customer. Parents and party planners can rest assured knowing there’s nothing to fear when their child is jumping and having the time of their life.

Indoor bounce house rentals can make your next event one to remember for a very long time. They’re incredibly fun and offer different sizing options, making them available for any sized space. When looking for the best indoor jumper rentals in Chicago, make sure to contact The Jumper Store. We offer a wide range of party essentials from water slides, to themed jumpers, to tables and chairs. To rent an indoor bounce house for your next event or any piece of party rental equipment, make sure to contact The Jumper Store today at (773) 756-1919.