What To Be Aware Of When Renting A Water Slide For Your Next Event

Monday, Nov 5, 2018

During hot summer days, water slide rentals are a perfect addition to an event or gathering. Swimming pools are another popular item for summer days, but these are harder to manage. Pools can be expensive, require maintenance, and can only be in one location. A water slide is a temporary alternative to owning a pool. It gives a similar experience of cooling off in the heat, but an inflatable water slide can be portable and affordable.

The Benefits of Water Slide Rentals

Planning a party can be a logistical nightmare, but with the help of a water slide rental company, an event can be made easy. A water slide can be the focal point or activity of an event, making it easy for the hosts to occupy their guests. They can be rented at specific dates and no extra work or maintenance is required. Unlike a pool, an inflatable water slide rental company will take care of the cleaning and installation.

Proper Precautions Ensure Everyone’s Enjoyment

Inflatable water slides can be fun for children of all ages, but parental supervision and safety are necessary at all times. All of our inflatables are checked for any damages that can be a hazard. Dirt can also make slides rough so we clean each slide before and after each customer use. Supervision is required at any time. Our inflatables are all purchased in the United States to ensure that they meet the safety standards imposed on the vinyl manufacturers who make the inflatables here.

The Necessary Additions and Features to Rent a Water Slide

There are many different styles of water slides. Dry and wet slides provide a nice activity for the kids, but some slides can come with extra features such as climbing walls or aesthetic themes to create an extra amazement for the party. All of our inflatable rentals arrive early in the morning and can be picked up at the end of the day. Delivery, installation, retrieval, and sanitation are all part of our services.

Before considering renting an inflatable water slide, it is important to consider the area available for the unit. Dimensions of our water slides vary and will be provided once a particular slide is reserved. Although our units can be set up on asphalt, a flat area surrounded by grass with no obstructions works best. Wind conditions will also affect the slide. If it is windy out, placing them near a wall or not out in an open field will be necessary.

For anyone looking to rent a water slide, All Around Fun has the best quality products and services for making an event memorable. Call us at 773-756-1919 to take advantage of the best inflatables for kids parties now.