Top 5 Reasons/span> to Rent a Water Slide For a Summer Party

Friday, Jun 8, 2018

When people don’t have access to the beach or pools during the Summer, inflatable water slide rentals can save the day. The heat can be absolutely brutal, and a water slide can be the perfect option for those looking to cool off. When deciding whether or not to rent a water slide for your next summer party, consider:

  • Refreshes Everyone
  • Easy Setup
  • Great Fun
  • Value
  • Variety

Refreshes Everyone

The Summer weather can cause some uncomfortable situations. This leads to people getting aggravated and sweaty which can lead to a poor party atmosphere. With a water slide rental, everyone can get out of the sun and into the water and relax. Most Summer parties tend to take place outside where the heat can really ruin the party. Renting a water slide can be the perfect solution to saving the party and getting everyone cooled off.

Ease of Setup

Setting up the water slide rental may seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s actually it’s a very easy process. The company would come to the location with the inflatable water slide and a generator. They would then connect both up and inflate it themselves. The company would then leave it for the agreed upon length of time. The partygoers would be able to enjoy the waterslide until their time was up. When the time was up, the company would then come back and collect the water slide rental.

Great Fun

An inflatable water slide is a blast for people of all ages. It gives people a chance to not act their age and just enjoy themselves. Kids can spend hours going up and down the slide until they run out of energy. Even parents can go down the slide to cool off from the sun. They can even race their child down the slide a few times. A water slide rental is a perfect fit for any outdoor party like a family barbeque or birthday party.


Parties tend to be costly, so a water slide rental is a good option for saving money while also providing great entertainment for everyone. Choosing to have a water slide rental at the party opens the budget up for other aspects of the party. This can include food or other forms of entertainment.


Potentially the best part about choosing a water slide for a party is the sheer variety of water slides there are. Some are slip and slides, while others tower 40 feet into the air. There’s a multitude of themes available for water slides. The themed water slides are perfect for children’s birthday parties. There’s really something for everyone when it comes to renting a water slide.

People may find purchasing a water slide rental to be difficult, but it’s important to know how beneficial they can be for any party. Some water slide rental companies cut corners and upcharge on their rentals to take advantage of their customers. The Jumper Store offers the best possible waters slides to rent at an incredible value. To rent a waterslide today with The Jumper Store, call 773-756-1919.