What Parents Should Know About Water Slide Rentals

Tuesday, Sep 4, 2018

TheJumperStore is the best waterslide rental company in Chicago. TheJumperStore’s water slide rentals provide excellent entertainment for children of all ages. We strive to provide the best services and products for every single event. Before renting a waterslide, parents should educate themselves on the various factors such as safety, benefits, and the features of a slide.

What Parents Should Know About Water Slide Rentals
  • Safety
  • Benefits
  • Renting The Right Waterslide
  • Insurance


One important factor parents need to consider is the safety of a waterslide. Our water slides are constructed with a strong rubber-vinyl material which prevents the waterslide from breaking down. TheJumperStore’s water slides are brand new and thoroughly cleaned before each use. This is essential to keep mold and other harmful substances from reaching the slide. Another important safety feature is that an adult should be supervising the children as they enjoy the waterslide. This kind of supervision is important for children in case of an injury. Parents should also only allow kids in the same group at a time to enjoy the slide. This will prevent older children from clashing with a much younger child, which can cause injury.


There are many benefits to renting a waterslide such as easy setup and little water usage. To set up a water slide, the only requirements are an outlet or generator if needed and a flat surface that is free of debris, sticks, and other types of waste. As a result, TheJumperStore makes the setup process stress-free which is great for parents. Renting a waterslide uses less water as compared to a swimming pool which is great for the environment. The water also gets recycled which is another excellent environmental benefit.

Renting The Right Waterslide

Parents should make sure they choose the right waterslide for their children. Ages of the children and the size of the backyard are two essential factors to consider when renting a water slide. Parents should make sure their children are old enough to enjoy a water slide. It’s crucial to make sure they know how to use the slide safely. The size of the backyard is also essential in making sure a person has enough space to house a waterslide or a combination jumper. TheJumperStore has combo jumpers which include a bounce house and water slide attached to the unit.


Making sure the waterslide is insured is very important. Insurance will ensure the customer that TheJumperStore is responsible for their work. We have a Central Liability insurance policy with an “A” rated insurance company. Parents should ask for a copy for the insurance policy to make sure everything is covered and that the limits are adequate.

Parents who want to rent a waterslide for their children should choose TheJumperStore. We have the best inventory of water slide rentals in Chicago. TheJumperStore is dedicated to providing the best service possible to every customer. Call us today at 773-756-1919 to speak to a qualified representative regarding all of our water slide rentals!