Throw a Celebration With Our Oktoberfest Party Rentals

Friday, Oct 9, 2020

Plan your Oktoberfest party with TheJumperStore and let us bring the celebration to your backyard. And trust us when we say there’s no better business to help you prepare your party like TheJumperStore. TheJumperStore is able to provide any and all patrons with only the greatest Oktoberfest party rentals around. So if you’re curious to know more about what TheJumperStore is able to provide you for your Oktoberfest party, then continue reading below.

TheJumperStore’s Oktoberfest Party Rentals


Hot Dog Steamer Rental In Chicago

Oktoberfest is known for the vast amount of food items it offers to attendees. So if you ever need assistance in providing food to guests at your own party, don’t hesitate at all in browsing through our concessions page. We have quite a few concession products to help you out with your Oktoberfest party rental needs. Do your guests like popcorn? If so, we have both a popcorn machine rental and popcorn products. And for any of those nacho lovers, we also have a nacho cheese warmer rental for you to order as well. But when you want to really make the absolute most out of your Oktoberfest party, make sure to order our hot dog steamer rental. With this Oktoberfest party rental, you can use it to store and keep hot dogs warm for guests. 


castle jumper

Another feature that Oktoberfest is recognized for is its amazing carnival rides. TheJumperStore has the Ferris Wheel Jumper to jump on all day and night. The Ferris Wheel Jumper glows in the night and is a popular Oktoberfest rental. You can also opt-in to ordering one of our fine jumpers for your Oktoberfest party rentals needs. Our jumpers are a great way to keep the little ones entertained for extended periods of time. If you happen to have a lot of children attending your party, you’ll benefit the most from ordering one or more of our large jumpers. Of course, you can also choose to rent one of our small or medium jumpers instead.

Tables & Chair Rentals

If you plan on throwing an Oktoberfest-themed party nearly as big as Oktoberfest itself, you’re going to need all the tables and chairs you can possibly get. And when you do need such party rentals, look no further than TheJumperStore. Here at TheJumperStore, we have plenty of tables and chairs for patrons to order. If you need quality tables, we have both standard 8ft rectangle and round tables for you to purchase. Also, we have both black and white folding chairs for you to order as well.

No matter the size of your party, we feel certain that we’ll have enough seating and tabling to be able to assist you!

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We here at TheJumperStore have been providing quality party rentals to patrons for many years, making us one of the most established party rental service providers to exist in all of Chicago. Through each rental we’ve provided to clients, we’ve been able to ensure the success of all parties. We feel more than certain that when you call to hire us, you’ll benefit from our Oktoberfest party rentals as you’re added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at 773.756.1919 or visit our contact page.