TheJumperStore’s Feature Of The Week

Monday, Jun 8, 2020

When you’re ready to throw the ultimate celebration in Chicago, there’s no better party rental business than TheJumperStore. TheJumperStore has served countless residents in Chicago and the surrounding area for many years. And they can provide for you the greatest party rentals that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re interested in hiring us to help improve the quality of your party, then we implore you to continue reading below to learn about TheJumperStore’s Feature Of The Week. You’ll find that these three magnificent products will surely make your party a memorable one.

Feature Of The Week

Our Feature Of The Week products are castle jumpers, waterslides, and dunk tank rentals. Each of these three items can enhance the excitement of your party in different ways. More so, they can enhance your party overall when combined together. For a more detailed description of each item, continue reading below.

Castle Jumper Rentals in Chicago

Jumpers are an excellent way to have your kids burn off some energy during your celebration. It keeps them occupied for hours on end and they won’t succumb to boredom during the festivities. We here at TheJumperStore are famous for our jumpers. We have many of them – each with their own special theme that will best fit your party needs. And if your intentions are to make the young attendees feel like the king or queen of a kingdom, then you might be interested in one of our castle jumpers.

Our castle jumpers are exactly as they sound, they’re jumpers that are stylized to look like a medieval castle. And when young attendees jump around in them, they’ll be jumping with joy. If you happen to be hosting a rather big party, you might want to consider renting one of our large castle jumpers.

Waterslide Rentals in Chicago

Summer is here and hot days are sure to come in its wake. If you need help in cooling off some of your young attendees, then a waterslide rental is a must. We have quite a few waterslides for you to choose from, each of which serve their own purpose. Our Slide n Fun waterslide is just a simple product that allows guests to continually slide down for endless splashing fun. And there’s our Lil Kahuna waterslide, which is very similar to our Slide n Fun except that it’s more suited to fit a particular theme. If you find that you’re throwing an underwater-themed celebration, then the Lil Kahuna waterslide rental would best suit you. Finally, there’s TheJumperStore’s California Wave waterslide, which compels participants to run as fast as they can to reach the other end of this product. This latter product is an especially great way to have kids burn off their energy.

Dunk Tank Rental in Chicago

Other than waterslides, there are other ways to cool off guests at a party. And if you can find a participant willing enough, you can have them sit atop a mechanized seat that will dunk them in water. This is probably one of the most engaging activities that any party host can offer to guests. You will certainly have a long line of volunteers who will want to prove their aim and shoot at the target just so they can see the other person fall in a tank of water. Don’t miss out on having a dunk tank at your Chicago party, call the people at TheJumperStore today!

No Contact Deliveries

We here at TheJumperStore understand how important your health is, so we always take every precaution. Other than ensuring our party rentals are cleaned and sanitized, we also provide no contact deliveries to all our valued customers. When we come to visit you to drop off our party rentals, we consult with you over the phone and help set up your rentals from a respectable distance. Other than making sure your party turns out great, your well-being is always a priority to us.

Call TheJumperStore To Rent One Of Our Featured Products Of The Week

If you’re throwing a Chicago Party sometime within this week, don’t hesitate in calling TheJumperStore for assistance. Due to our many years of service, we know a thing or two about providing quality party rentals to clients. We’re more than confident that when you choose us to provide you with the best jumpers, waterslides, or dunk tanks, your party will be talked about for days after. For any inquiries, you may call us at 773.756.1919 or visit our contact page.