TheJumperStore is Now Offering Drive-By Celebrations!

Monday, Jun 1, 2020

Social distancing has caused the cancellation of many gatherings and get-togethers due to the risks of contracting Covid-19. And because of this, many have been unable to enjoy momentous occasions that come about once in a while (e.g. concerts and Memorial Day barbeques). Moreover, many can’t enjoy occasions that only come once in a year (e.g. birthday parties and high school commencement ceremonies). However, despite such cancellations, many have resorted to partaking in celebratory events by practicing a new trend: drive-by celebrations.

Drive-by celebrations are almost exactly as the name itself implies. They’re an act of celebrating an event by driving to a location where the event is held, all without leaving your car. Such a location can be your niece or nephew’s house where they’re throwing a drive-by birthday celebration. Or it can be just a general drive-by celebration meant to commemorate a friend’s recent graduation or baby shower. 

If you have an event coming up and you feel limited in your choices to celebrate it due to the current pandemic, don’t hesitate to throw a drive-by celebration. Drive-by celebrations can bring joy to those who need it most during these trying times. And if you’re planning one in Chicago, you might be interested to know that TheJumperStore can help you.

If you need help in bringing out the best in your drive-by celebration, then call TheJumperStore today. We can provide for you accessories including wacky waving arm flailing tube men, bubble machines and coolers. These party accessories will bring out the absolute best in your drive-by celebration and they’ll create lasting memories.

Continue reading below and see which drive-by celebration you can hire TheJumperStore to help you with.

Types of Drive-By Celebrations TheJumperStore Can Help You With

Drive-By Celebrations are versatile. They can be done for almost any type of event. Chiefly, however, you’ll find that they’re used most often for the following celebrations listed below. These are also celebration types that TheJumperStore can help you in accessorizing the most.


Have a birthday coming up but can’t physically interact with others? Is it yours, your kid’s, or a friend’s? It doesn’t matter; a drive-by celebration will help bring everyone together without the risk of breaking the rules of social distancing. You can have participants drive down the street, past your house or another building, drop off their gifts to the lucky birthday person, and commemorate them on another year of living. More so, you can make the event even more special when you hire TheJumperStore to assist you. We can lend you the necessary birthday party accessories you need to make your drive-by birthday memorable.


TheJumperStore can help you with any drive-by graduations you’re planning to throw for that special graduate. There are many this year who are unable to enjoy the pleasures of attending a commencement ceremony. And while many have resorted to congratulating graduates via webcam, anyone will agree that it feels much better to be congratulated in person. Even if it means being visited by those who can only pass by means of a car. In any case, when you want to show that graduate your appreciation for their hard work, call us and we’ll help make the occasion look brilliant.


Have a special anniversary coming up? Maybe you’re commemorating another successful year of business. Or perhaps it’s a significant moment that took place in the family. No matter what it is, don’t let social distancing stop you from celebrating it. A drive-by anniversary celebration is a great alternative to resort to when it comes to choosing how you wish to celebrate your anniversary during these times. And choosing TheJumperStore to help you accessorize it can make it look a whole lot better. Celebrate another special year with TheJumperStore today!

Baby Showers

Need ideas for a baby shower? Don’t let the special occasion go to waste. The imminent birth of a new child is a significant milestone and it deserves special attention. Not having anyone else there to acknowledge it with you can be a downer. There’s no reason to let it go unnoticed when it can be appreciated by friends and family. Organize a drive-by baby shower event and let them come by to congratulate you for your new child. And don’t forget to call TheJumperStore to be provided with the proper party accessories. A wacky waving arm flailing tube man and bubbles would definitely add fun to an occasion such as this.

Contact TheJumperStore Today For Your Drive-By Celebration Needs

Don’t let social distancing get you down, contact TheJumperStore today and throw the best drive-by celebration you can possibly plan. TheJumperStore has helped countless Chicago residents throw the ultimate celebrations for many years. We’re more than confident that when you hire us for your drive-by celebration, you’ll be satisfied with the results. For any inquiries, you may call or text us at 773-756-1919 or visit our contact page.