Vernon Hills Bounce House Rentals

When you are in need of only the most high-end bounce house rentals in all of Vernon Hills, IL, then look no further than to TheJumperStore. At our expert business, we here offer our amazing service to customers in order to provide them with the opportunity to pick from one of many Vernon Hills bounce house rentals. And with our inventory, you will never ever need to worry about our products providing you with lackluster results. And this mostly due to our bounce houses being created with the highest grade of materials and are cleaned and sanitized after each use. Moreover, it may also interest you to know that we’ve been voted as the Top Rated Bounce House Rental Company in Vernon Hills. This is due largely to the fact that we make it our goal to deliver exceptional service to all customers.

When you browse through our customer reviews, you might find that TheJumperStore offers only the best services for bounce house rentals in all of Vernon Hills. Whenever you’re looking to hire a bounce house rental service, don’t just rely on any business. Choose TheJumperStore!

What Our Vernon Hills Bounce House Rentals Offer

Once you choose us to help you, you will receive the ultimate assistance by TheJumperStore to help you throw any and all kid’s parties in Vernon Hills. When you’re browsing through all of our products, you’ll have the choice to decide which of our many bounce houses, jumpers, or any other party accessories you want. And regardless if you’re throwing a big or small party, we can provide quality assistance. Choose from any one of our Water Slides, Jumpers, and Combo Jumpers that fit your Vernon Hills area party needs.

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Bounce House Party Rental Packages in Vernon Hills

When you hire TheJumperStore, you’ll be given the opportunity to utilize one of our party packages. Each of our party packages is made specially to give you everything you need to ensure your guests are entertained. Additionally, they will also help in providing nonstop fun. Choose from the following:

  • Spectacular Package – Our Spectacular Package lets you choose from one of our 7 in 1 combo jumpers, one inflatable game, a portable generator, and two of our concession machines or non-inflatable games. Everything in this package will help you create a memorable party.
  • Block Party Package – TheJumperStore’s Block Party Package offers you the choice of having two medium or large jumpers, a portable generator, and one concession machine or non-inflatable game. If you’re throwing a Vernon Hills block party, the Block Party Package is the most ideal.
  • Forest Preserve Package – This package offers you the choice of one medium or large jumper and one portable generator. The Forest Preserve Package will help you throw a party just about anywhere you want it to be.
  • Fun Package – For small or medium-sized Norridge parties, consider choosing our Fun Package. This package lets you choose any one of our large jumpers, one concession machine or a non-inflatable game, along with three tables and twenty-four chairs.

Paired with our great packages are free delivery, setup, and pick-up for all your party rental needs in Vernon Hills!

Why Choose TheJumperStore For Your Vernon Hills Bounce House Rentals

When you compare TheJumperStore to any other Vernon Hills bounce house rentals business, you’ll find that we offer the lowest and most competitive rates around in Vernon Hills. And other than our affordability, we also make sure our services are absolutely easy to engage in whenever you choose to rent a bounce house. This is ensured because we believe such services should allow flexible payment options as well as pricing with no cancellation fees.

In our many years of operation, we’ve developed an understanding of how much life can throw things at you and get in the way sometimes. And while other companies will charge a cancellation fee, you can trust that we will never do that. We won’t ever charge a cancellation fee because we feel it’s our goal to make our renting process as stress-free as possible to all clients. We aim to make sure that you don’t ever regret planning your party due to a costly cancellation fee. Moreover, we also offer savings and special offers for returning customers. When you need bounce house rentals in Vernon Hills, you can always trust TheJumperStore.

What Sets TheJumperStore Apart From Other Vernon Hills Bounce House Rentals? 

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Since we were first established, TheJumperStore has always been active and involved in the community. When we’re not too occupied providing our high-end services, we always try to give back to non-profit organizations based in Illinois. Additionally, we also initiate food and coat drives, offer special pricing for our services, donate, and provide volunteer work to those who are less fortunate in our communities. We strive to make a difference and we do this by demonstrating how much we care. Because we believe actions speak loud volumes of one’s character.

We here at TheJumperStore have developed a reputation for offering the best bounce house rentals in all of Vernon Hills. And this is due largely to the fact that our team members are given special training administered by the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization (SIOTO). Our business prides itself for setting the industry standards because most other companies don’t uphold the same qualities as we do for their staff. Also, we’re licensed, insured, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our Vernon Hills bounce house rentals are the safest and cleanest that money can buy.

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Paired with our excellent service, our bounce house rentals have caused countless amazing parties. Hence why we take tremendous pride in the quality of our work. Our bounce houses are made in the USA and are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each time they’re used. Providing peace of mind to our customers who utilize our bounce house rentals is essential to our reputation. Just know when people rent our bounce houses in Vernon hills, they pick us by choice, not by chance. Give us a call at (773) 756-1919 or contact us online to learn more.

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