Drive-By Parties in Chicago

The current effects of the world pandemic have caused many to practice social distancing as effectively as possible. And while this means not being in any sort of physical contact, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan a get-together. In the most current of trends, you may have discovered a safe alternative to celebrating in Chicago called Drive-By Parties. They’re almost exactly as the name implies: you invite guests to come over to a designated location to commemorate for a certain occasion by only driving by in a vehicle. Your guests never leave the car and you can still see them from a safe distance.

If you have a birthday, graduation, or any type of celebration coming up, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to plan a drive-by party. And if you’re in need of the best party rentals for drive-by parties of all sorts, then contact the professionals at TheJumperStore today. TheJumperStore has served countless Chicago residents to help bring out the best in their celebrations. Continue reading below and see how they can help you with your drive-by party.

Drive-By Parties in Chicago

There are a multitude of reasons as to why you should throw a drive-by party in Chicago. For one, social distancing can take an emotional toll on some. Not many are accustomed to being distant from other people for extended periods of time. And it can be especially depressing when you have a celebration coming up and can’t invite guests to come inside your residency. Obviously, there are telecommunication methods, but nothing will beat seeing other people in person.  Even seeing another family member’s, relative’s, or friend’s face through a car window is enough to spark joy.

You would also plan a drive-by party in order to commemorate for an event that only takes place once in a while. Examples of such events include a 10-years-old’s birthday party, graduation from high school, or even a job promotion. You wouldn’t want such occasions to just slide by. You want your appreciation from other guests and be recognized for your accomplishments.

When you plan your drive-by party in Chicago, you’ll want to make sure that it’s absolutely perfected with the right accessories. It wouldn’t be just enough to put on your best clothes and say hello to guests as they pass by in their cars. You should decorate your property and have it looking festive when attendees are rolling up in front of your home. And if you want it to look spectacular, then don’t hesitate in hiring TheJumperStore to help. TheJumperStore is offering all guests the chance to book their drive-by celebration package. In this package, you’ll find whacky wailing arm flailing tube men, a cooler to hold drinks for yourself and guests, a bubble machine, and a speaker with a microphone. With all these products combined, you’ll be able to throw the absolute greatest drive-by party to ever exist!

Drive-By Birthday Parties

It’s saddening to think at first that you can’t throw a birthday party at your home due to the current pandemic. You can’t receive your gifts, you can’t eat cake with other guests, but most importantly, you can’t hear others sing happy birthday. But cheer up! You can do all those things with drive-by parties!

You can surprise that special someone in your family with a drive-by birthday party. So get your cake and get your presents ready, because you can still make a birthday party special in these trying times. You can hand cake over to guests as they drive by your home and even hand them chilled, canned drinks thanks to our cooler. And in return, they can bring their gifts over to the birthday person to give. All in all, you can have a successful drive-by birthday party with the added help of TheJumperStore.

Drive-By Graduation

Commencement ceremonies across the globe have been cancelled thanks to Covid-19. But you’ll find that many graduates have found alternatives to receiving their recognition for their hard work. And one of them just so happens to be drive-by graduations.

If you have a graduate in your family and want to show their appreciation for them, don’t hesitate to throw a drive-by celebration. Drive-By celebrations can still effectively show to a recent grad that their perseverance hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s a great means for them to receive their praise and to let them be happy in knowing that they’ve reached a significant milestone.

While they may not be able to walk across the stage, they can strut their caps and gowns across the yard. And they can do it in style with the added help of TheJumperStore’s tube men and bubble machine.

Drive-By Parade

Maybe a simple party isn’t enough. Maybe you want to bring the community together as a whole. “And how would you do that?”, you might ask yourself. It’s simple, a parade will help you with that.

Maybe you and other graduates in the neighborhood want appreciation and appraisal. You can plan a “commencement parade” for your hard work. Or perhaps there’s a community of seniors whom might be feeling lonely due to the self-isolation. A drive-by parade in their neighborhood would do the trick of giving them attention.

No matter what type of drive-by parade you’re throwing, TheJumperStore can help you. Our Drive-By Celebration Package encompasses items that bring out the best joy in both you and other participants of your parade.

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