Lil Kahuna


Do your young children enjoy splashing around or just soaking it up in the sun? Then don’t wait another minute, call us now to place an order for our Lil Kahuna rental today! Our Lil Kahuna is the absolute best inflatable water slide rental in Chicago, IL. With our Lil Kahuna inflatable water slide rental in Chicago, IL, you can host the ultimate underwater sea adventure celebration.. You can trust that when you rent this inflatable water slide in Chicago, your party’s young guests will talk about it for days after. In fact, we’re more than confident that when you call to order our Lil Kahuna inflatable water slide rental, your party will become one of the most memorable celebrations in all of Chicago.

Why Order Our Lil Kahuna Inflatable Water Slide Rental in Chicago

You can trust that our water slide rentals in Chicago are only constructed with the absolute best and most quality materials around and they’re even treated with the best service. And when it comes to our Lil Kahuna, this Chicago water slide rental is no exception. Once you call to order Lil Kahuna water slide rental today, we can guarantee that it will improve the overall quality of your party. All the young guests attending your party will be splashing with when they’re hopping around in this rental. Moreover, it will keep them occupied for hours on end. And as a result, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy your celebration.

Also, if you happen to throw a sea-themed party, this inflatable water slide rental in Chicago will help complement your party’s theme tremendously.

We’re more than confident that once you rent this inflatable water slide rental in Chicago, IL, you’ll be absolutely satisfied with the quality of this product. Moreover, you can also trust that our rentals are safe and are always properly stored away, cleaned, and sanitized entirely after each and every use. They’re also optimized to be safe to use while still providing fun for young children.

TheJumperStore & Our Water slide Rentals in Chicago

Once you hire TheJumperStore to help provide you with this amazing water slide rental in Chicago, IL, their staff of industry experts will help to deliver your rental on time. And they will also provide assistance in the setup and tear down of your rental so you won’t need to worry about preparing it yourself. We can guarantee that your rental will be delivered and prepared properly because our staff has received special training administered by the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization (SIOTO). We here at TheJumperStore take tremendous pride on setting the industry standards because most other companies won’t hold their employees to the same qualities as we do. Also, we take pride in being highly-qualified as we’re also licensed, insured, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

You can trust that our Chicago inflatable water slide rentals in Chicago, IL are the safest and cleanest that money can buy. And you can also trust that they are handled by top-notch experts.

The Beauty of The Lil Kahuna

The Lil Kahuna is one of the absolute best inflatable water slide rentals in Chicago that you can order from TheJumperStore. This rental has made many children happy and upon picking up this rental from various parties, we’ve always been told that it’s one of the best water slides they’ve ever ordered. On top of that, it’s one of the most highly-reviewed items that’s provided by us.

During those Summer months when the heat takes over, children of all sorts will always want to find new ways to cool themselves off. While many of our patrons order our cooling fans and snow cone machines, most will always choose to rent our Lil Kahuna. And this is because our Lil Kahuna provides the most fun way to cool off in hot climates while still being safe for kids.

With this rental, you can expect young children of all ages and sizes to line up just so they can go down the slippery slide.

Why Choose TheJumperStore?

TheJumperStore has been established for a long time. And during our many years of operation, we have always been involved in the community. when we’re not too busy providing our quality services, we give back to non-profit organizations based in Illinois. More so, we also initiate food and coat drives,  provide volunteer work, and offer special pricing for services to the less fortunate in our communities. We also aspire to make a difference and we do this by demonstrating how much we care. And this is because we possess a firm belief that actions speak loud volumes of one’s character.

When you compare TheJumperStore to any other bounce house rental business, you’ll find that we offer only the lower and most competive rates around. And besides our affordable pricing, we also make sure that our services are manageable and easy to engage in whenever you choose to rent a bounce house. We ensure this because we believe such services should offer flexible payment options as well as pricing with no cancellation fees.

During our many years of experience, we’ve come to understand that certain life events can get in the way sometimes. And besides the fact that most bounce house rental services will charge a cancellation fee, you can trust that we will never do that. And we can guarantee this because we don’t feel charging such a fee is right. We aim to make our renting process as stress-free as possible to all clients, and so we want to make sure you don’t regret planning your party due to a costly cancellation fee.

Contact TheJumperStore Today For Our Lil Kahuna Inflatable Water Slides For Rent in Chicago

We’re more than confident that when you call to order our Lil Kahuna Water Slide Rentals in Chicago, you’ll be absolutely satisfied with our service and the results of your party. TheJumperStore is well experienced in helping all partygoers with their special events and is always readily available to assist you. In fact, you can rest assured knowing that you’re hiring only the greatest party rental service in all of Chicago. For any inquiries, you may call us at 773.756.1919 or visit our contact page.

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Product Details

Length: 18'10"

Width: 9'6"

Height 11'10"

Requires access to a Nearby Hose

Requires access to a Dedicated 3 Prong Outlet

Cleaned & Sanitized

Adult Supervision Required