Labor Day Party Rentals in Chicago

Tuesday, Aug 4, 2020

If you’re in need of the best Labor Day party rentals in Chicago, then look no further than TheJumperStore. During our many years of business, we’ve developed a solid reputation of improving the quality of countless parties. And we’re more than certain that when you hire us, we can do the same for yours. Labor Day is coming up soon and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of throwing a huge celebration. But if you’re unsure of where to begin looking for quality party rentals, then continue reading below. Here at TheJumperStore, we offer only the best Labor Day Party Rentals that you can’t find anywhere else in the city of Chicago.

Chicago Labor Day Party Rentals

Party Game Rentals

No party is complete without some games and when you’re looking for only the best ones, believe us when we say that we’re the optimal choice. When you browse through our inventory, you’ll find that we offer numerous games for rent. If you have sporty attendees coming over to your Labor Day party, then you might be interested in our Soccer Fever inflatable party game rental. With this product, guests can test their aim and kick for the goal. Or, if you want your guests to test their aim in other ways, you can also choose to rent our Shooting Stars inflatable party game rental instead. Attendees will surely line up to shoot for the hoops and prove who’s the sportiest at the whole party.

Whatever games you want, you’ll surely be able to find it here at TheJumperStore.

Jumper Rentals

Here at TheJumperStore, we’re most famous for our jumpers – the most popular Chicago Labor Day party rentals that we offer. If you have young children attending your party, this is a must-have. Our jumpers are offered in a variety of different sizes and can easily accommodate for any number of guests. You get to choose from a wide assortment of small, medium, and large jumpers, each of which has its own unique themes. If you happen to know that there are going to be many Superman fans attending your Labor Day party, you can rent our Medium Superman Jumper. Or if your Labor Day Party happens to be taking place at a carnival of sorts, then maybe you’d like to rent our Large Ferris Wheel Bouncer instead. The choice is yours.

And other than our regular jumpers, we also have our combo jumpers as well. In each of our combo jumpers, we offer patrons the chance to do more than just jump around. They can go down a slide, shoot some hoops, play with inflatable pop-ups, and more. When you want to offer young guests the ultimate jumper experience, rent one of our Combo Jumpers.

Concession Rentals

Labor Day party patrons are for sure going to want to snack down on some food as the festivities carry on. Because Labor Day will be taking place during the Summer, you might be interested to know that we offer customers the chance to rent our Snow Cone Machine. Whenever your guests are getting too hot under the sun, just serve them one or more of our snow cones. These cold sweet treats will cool down even the hottest of party guests. And when you want to serve only the best food at your celebration, you should consider renting our Hot Dog Steamer Rental, too. Nothing screams Chicago more than a hot dog. When you order our Hot Dog Steamer, you’ll be able to serve as many Chicago-style hot dogs as you want.

Labor Day Party Rental Packages

If your Labor Day Party is going to be big, then don’t just settle in renting only a few of our products. Instead, utilize one of our party packages. Each of our party packages is designed to help accommodate for a certain party. For those parties that take place during the Summer, you might especially be interested in using our Splash Package. This package offers a waterslide rental alongside our snow cone machine, dunk tank rental, a cooler, and many other of our products.

For The Best Labor Day Party Rentals in Chicago, Choose TheJumperStore

Trust us when we say that you won’t find a better party rental place for your Labor Day celebration than TheJumperStore. Here at TheJumperStore, we’ve helped many customers prepare for their Labor Day parties. But apart from Labor Day, we’ve also proven our expertise and professionalism when helping prepare for countless other holiday celebrations as well. And when you hire us today, we’ll make sure that your party will be an absolute blast. For any inquiries, you may call us at 773.756.1919 or visit our contact page.