Early Booking & Sanitary Safety

Thursday, Apr 30, 2020

Due to current and worldly affairs, preventative and sanitary safety is of utmost importance and is highly advised to be practiced by everyone. Harmful bacteria is spreading and we here at The Jumper Store keep that in mind as we continue to perform regular operations. Many children will jump around in our products and we understand how clients can be concerned over sanitary safety. Which is why we think it’s best that we inform you of the cleaning process we perform on each of the bounce houses we offer to patrons.

On another note, we also understand the frustration of not being able to rent our fantastic products. Which is why we would also like to inform you that even though you can’t enjoy our products now, you can still book them early to guarantee availability once practice of self-isolation is no longer enforced.

Continue reading below to learn about our cleaning process and of the wonderful products you can rent for your next big celebration.

The Jumper Store’s Cleaning Process

Before renting and using one of our bounce houses, The Jumper Store ensures the product is cleaned and sanitized entirely before it’s sent out. Our cleaning process goes as this:

  1. First, we do a visual inspection of the bounce house, ensuring that it’s both usable and that it doesn’t pose any threats and/or hazards to users. Typically, we look for anything that isn’t part of the bounce house and dispose of it properly (i.e. forgotten toys and other items that can carry bacteria).
  2. We thoroughly clean the bounce house with a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly solution. If during the inspection, we notice any areas of the bounce house with stains, grime, or other unwanted residues, we especially make sure to focus on those areas. The highlights of this solution include:
    • its ability to remove dirt, food, and other grime.
    • it containing no harsh chemicals
    • and its utilization of plant-based extracts to remove stubborn stains and soils
  3. Finally, we thoroughly sanitize the bounce house with Lysol, ensuring that we cover every square inch of the product’s surface area. This step is the most crucial as countless clients use our bounce houses, so we make sure to be mindful of harmful bacteria that can possibly and easily spread through our products. By spraying the bounce house with Lysol, we’re able to:
    • kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
    • cut through tough grease and soap scum
    • and provide long-lasting freshness

With our cleaning and sanitization process, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy our bounce houses with peace of mind.

Book Early to Rent These Amazing Products

Because self-isolation is heavily enforced, parties and get-togethers aren’t exactly taking place at the moment. But by following the guidelines recommended by our local and state officials, things will soon return to the norm and we can once again interact with each other. If you intend on throwing a party for your friends and children as soon as self-isolation is no longer enforced, then feel free to browse through our inventory. We advise that you contact us and book our products as early as possible to ensure that they’re available for rent. Below are some of the most popular products that we offer.

Castle Jumpers

We here at the Jumper Store offer bounce houses of various sizes – small, medium, and large! Browse through our inventory and see which could best benefit your party. You might be particularly interested in our castle jumpers, all of which are stylistically designed to make your kids feel like the kings and queens of a jumping kingdom!

castle jumper

Special Event Jumpers

If you need one of our jumpers for a certain special event, you might just find one that perfectly matches what you’re going for. Need a jumper for a carnival? You might be interested in our ferris wheel jumper. Or if you’re taking part in planning a concert then perhaps you’d like to rent our rockstar jumper. Browse through our inventory and you might just be able to find the right jumper for you.

2 in 1 Combo Jumper

Our 2 in 1 Combo Jumper allows kids the added benefit of jumping around and shooting some hoops inside. Give them a ball or two when they go inside and you’ll have them occupied for a long time. These are good jumpers to rent if you want the younglings to burn off som energy.

western jumper

Themed Jumpers

If you’re throwing a themed party and need a bounce house to fit that theme then make sure to browse through our inventory. If you’re throwing a superhero-themed party then you might be interested in our Superman jumper. Or if it’s a princess-themed party, then perhaps you’d like to rent our princess jumper. The choice is yours!

Book Early With The Jumper Store For Our Clean & Sanitized Products

The Jumper Store has served countless patrons for years and has helped each and every party host boost the fun and excitement of their celebration. We’re confident that when you hire us, you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers as we assist in making your fiesta an unforgettable one. For any inquiries, you may call us at 773.756.1919 or visit our contact page.