Why Bounce Houses Are Perfect For A Kids Birthday Party

Friday, Apr 26, 2019

When you think of a kids birthday party, you immediately think of balloons, clowns and children’s characters, cake, and bounce houses. As parents and guardians, your mission is to create a complete party experience that is both enjoyable and inviting for everyone involved. Bounce houses and waterslides can be the exact source of entertainment you need to keep every child happy throughout the duration of the event. Bounce houses offer a number of benefits for any kids birthday party, such as:

  • Can Match The Theme Of The Party
  • Absolute Blast For The Children
  • Simplified Children Management For Parents

Can Match The Theme Of The Party

We here at TheJumperStore understand that every kid is into different things at different stages of their childhood, which is why we offer a multitude of themed bounce houses for you to choose from! Depending on what your theme is for your kids birthday party, we’ll locate and provide you with the proper jumper to match it. From superheroes to princesses, pirates or mermaids, to even beloved cartoon characters. You name the theme, we’ll bring the bounce house.

Absolute Blast For The Children

Naturally, the best thing about renting a bounce house for a kids birthday party is that they supply fun all day long. The moment the bounce house is inflated, every child immediately congregate to the bounce house, ready to play all day long. They’ll jump and laugh together, making up games or scenarios the whole time. Whether they pretend to be superheroes, soldiers, or even royalty. Kids can end up spending hours on end playing in a bounce house, even to the point of completely forgetting that there’s a whole party going on outside. You can always count on the children at a kids birthday party falling in love with the bounce house rental.

Simplified Children Management For Parents

In tandem with the kids having a great time in their bounce house, parents get to take a breather. Parents don’t have to spend the entire time watching their child and making sure they’re not endangering themselves or doing something they shouldn’t be. Instead, they can sit back, relax, and catch up with the other adults that are present. They can rest assured knowing that their child is safe and sound. Bounce houses also tend to tire out children, so parents can easily manage their child when it’s time to leave.  

Bounce Houses have always been a staple of kids birthday parties and will be for a very long time. If you’re interested in renting a bounce house for your upcoming party or event in the Chicago area, consider TheJumperStore. For years, we’ve been the trusted rental source of jumpers, water slides, and other party rentals. Contact us at (773) 756-1919 today to take your kids birthday party to the next level!