10 Benefits of Renting a Bounce House

Friday, Jun 8, 2018

Renting a bounce house can seem stressful and might deter some parents away from renting one. However, renting one might be beneficial to the next birthday party thrown. In fact, bounce houses offer:

  • Exercise
  • Theme Preference
  • Safety
  • Fun for Kids
  • Social Skill Promotion
  • Gives Parents a Moment to Breath
  • Easy Setup
  • Tires Kids Out
  • Great Value
  • Distraction from Indoor Activities


Renting a bounce house is a great source of exercise for kids. Bouncing around in a bounce house is actually a great source of cardiovascular exercise. It also promotes bone and muscle growth throughout the body.

Theme Preference

Bounce houses come in all shapes, colors, and themes. A bounce house rental will be the perfect addition to any children’s party, whether it be princess or dinosaur themed. They also come with a variety of attachments such as slides and basketball hoops to fit any parents needs.


A number one concern for parents is their children’s safety. That’s why so many parents turn to rent bounce houses for all their party needs. All surfaces are vinyl walls that are filled with air. Nobody has to worry about their child walking away with bumps or bruises as long as they’re playing in a bounce house.

Fun for Kids

Kids love bounce houses because it gives them a chance to really act like children without getting into trouble with their parents. There’s a certain appreciation all kids have of jumping higher than ever before without worrying about getting hurt.

Promotes Social Skills

One of the best parts of a bounce house is seeing all the kids playing and talking with one another. It creates friendships between the children and gives them a chance to develop their social skills with one another. They get to run around together with their new friends, which is very beneficial for parents with only one child.

Gives Parents a Moment to Breath

Kids parties can be extremely stressful for parents, especially when high energy children are running around. A bounce house rental is a great idea if there’s a large number of children. It directly engages all the children and distracts them from doing anything else. It also gives parents a chance to talk with one another and enjoy the party for themselves.

Easy Setup

Bounce House rentals are very easy to set up. The only requirement for most bounce houses is space as they do tend to take up a large area. The company would provide the bounce house and generator and in a matter of minutes, it’s ready to go.

Tires Kids Out

Bounce house tends to tires the children out and releases most of their energy. This gives them a chance to calm down and engage in other activities going on at the party. It also makes the party more manageable for the parents so they don’t have to chase after their kids the whole time.

Great Value

Children’s parties can get extraordinarily expensive. Thankfully, bounce house rentals are typically one price for the whole time of the party. This allows parents to spend a little bit more on other aspects of the party and save money overall.

Distracts from Indoor Activities

Kids are obsessed with phones, tablets, and video games. Renting a bounce house for a party gives them a break from these devices and allow them to enjoy some fresh air. Chances are by the end of the party they won’t want to come out.

Bounce house rentals can be a huge addition to any children’s party. It’s important to see the great benefits bounce houses have to offer. Before renting a bounce house, make sure to choose the right company. The Jumper Store offers each customer their undivided attention and best possible prices. To get a free quote for the next party, call The Jumper Store at 773-756-1919.